This e-learning module introduces the concept of biosafety mainstreaming and its application in practice. It will introduce modern biotechnology and biosafety and address the following three questions: - What is biosafety mainstreaming? - Why is biosafety mainstreaming important? - How can biosafety be mainstreamed into national legislation, policies and institutional frameworks?
This toolkit provides a practical ‘how to’ guide for biosafety mainstreaming and is complimentary to the e-learning module on biosafety mainstreaming which introduces the concept of biosafety mainstreaming and its application. Case studies are provided throughout as practical examples.

This interactive application allows the user to develop a national mainstreaming strategy. The Strategy is intended to set out practical actions to achieve integration of biosafety concerns into national sectoral and cross-sectoral legislation, policies and institutional frameworks. The application provides a step-by-step guide to develop a draft strategy which can serve as a workplan and a basis for focused discussion with relevant stakeholders. Upon completion, the strategy may be printed, saved as a PDF file or exported to excel to be complemented at a later stage.