Welcome to the course on Biodiversity Valuation

This course consists of 3 modules, which focus on the valuation of ecosystem services and the application of economic valuation methods, as these are particularly salient for economic decision-making. Learning about biodiversity valuation implies understanding that the incorporation of values, and the application of valuation methods, is itself value-driven. The Convention on Biological Diversity recognizes that there is a broad range of biodiversity values in addition to economic value, including intrinsic, ecological, genetic, social, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational and aesthetic values. In line with national conditions, priorities and value systems, recognizing this diversity of values can provide the basis for the inclusive valuation of nature (biodiversity) and its multiple benefits for people, in line with the approach of the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

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In this module, we provide an overview of the consequences and causes of biodiversity loss, a description of the range of ecosystem services that nature provides, and an introduction to the concept of economic valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services (45 minutes). 

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Cette rubrique couvre les méthodes d'évaluation économique des services écosystémiques et la biodiversité et fournit des études de la biodiversité et des services écosystémiques évaluation cas.

30 Minutes

Ce sujet examine les étapes du processus et les leçons apprises dans la réalisation d'études d'évaluation économique des écosystèmes évaluation.

30 minutes